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Jubilant Therapeutics and OneThree Biotech Collaborate to Advance Precision Oncology

Biology-driven AI platform uncovers biomarkers used to select optimal targets for new cancer indications Jubilant Therapeutics to advance novel dual LSD1/HDAC6 inhibitor JBI-802 into clinic in 2021.

Bedminster, NJ and New York, NY— November 12, 2020 — Jubilant Therapeutics Inc. (‘Jubilant’), a biopharmaceutical company advancing small molecule modulators to address unmet medical needs in oncology and autoimmune diseases, and OneThree Biotech, a company redesigning drug discovery with biology-driven artificial intelligence, today announced their collaboration and the successful completion of a study focused on the identification of specific biomarkers for new indications in targeted oncology patient populations.

As part of the collaboration, Jubilant Therapeutics sought to determine the mechanism for its potentially first-in-class dual epigenetic inhibitor targeting melanoma, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and select solid tumor subsets. Utilizing the OneThree Biotech platform, they were able to:

  • Generate new data to support the dual inhibition (LSD1 and HDAC6) to drive inhibition
  • Pinpoint molecular markers that could be used to identify patients who might benefit from the dual inhibition
  • Determine additional target indications for future trials

“The convergence of biology and scalable data science is enabling new approaches to de-risk early-stage programs through biomarker discovery and patient selection,” said Syed Kazmi, President and CEO of Jubilant Therapeutics. “Jubilant Therapeutics has a strong biomarker-driven innovation platform and we are pleased to collaborate with OneThree Biotech in the application of their proven biology-driven AI approach to streamline the delivery of right medicines to right patients who may not be currently benefiting from available cancer therapies.”

“We’ve been incredibly impressed with Jubilant Therapeutics’ approach of combining focused experimentation with mechanistic biology and how they have re-thought the drug development process through the inclusion of new technology like AI. We’ve seen how results from this partnership can shape downstream clinical development and are excited to see it continue to evolve.” said Neel S. Madhukar, PhD, co-founder and CEO of OneThree Biotech.

A challenge in traditional drug development is generating an understanding of the biological mechanisms that drive the efficacy of a small molecule compound. OneThree Biotech has built an AI-powered platform that integrates over 40 data types to understand these underlying mechanisms and how they link drugs, targets and patients. This comprehensive approach enables delivery of informed insights to biopharma partners at critical stages of the development process.

JBI-802 is currently being evaluated in IND-enabling studies for the treatment of hematological and select solid tumors with specific gene signatures and first-in-human clinical studies are expected in 2021. Jubilant Therapeutics Inc. is developing a pipeline of novel, differentiated therapeutic assets; for partnership opportunity inquiries please contact bd@jubilanttx.com.

About Jubilant Therapeutics Inc.

Jubilant Therapeutics Inc. is a patient-centric biopharmaceutical company advancing potent and selective small molecule modulators to address unmet medical needs in oncology and autoimmune diseases. Its advanced discovery engine integrates structure-based design and computational algorithms to discover and develop novel, precision therapeutics against both first-in-class and validated but intractable targets in genetically-defined patient populations. The Company’s entrepreneurial minded leadership and scientific teams strive for speed and efficiency by employing a business model that leverages the proven and synergistic capabilities of Jubilant Life Sciences Limited’s value chain and shared services. Jubilant Therapeutics is headquartered in the U.S. and guided by globally renowned key opinion leaders and scientific advisory board members. For more information, please visit www.jubilanttx.com or follow on Twitter @JubilantTx and LinkedIn.

About OneThree Biotech
OneThree Biotech has built a biology-driven artificial intelligence (AI) platform that optimizes preclinical drug discovery and development by quickly and accurately generating new testable insights and hypotheses. With over 20 peer review journals, multiple case studies, and success advancing lead candidates through clinical trials, our proven technology platform integrates more than 40 types of chemical, biological, and clinical data with the best computational tools to answer complex questions surrounding disease biology and drug discovery. OneThree Biotech is based in New York City and can be found online at www.onethree.bio and on Twitter at @OneThreeBiotech.

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SOURCES: Jubilant Therapeutics Inc. and OneThree Biotech.

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