Leveraging Innovation for Precision Medicine



Strong scientific and clinical rationale for PAD4 inhibitors in autoimmune disorders


  • Next generation target in autoimmune/inflammation beyond JAKs and TNFs
  • High anti-CCP (anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide) levels are detected in RA patients
  • Histone citrullination and associated NET formation linked to pro-inflammation and disease progression in several autoimmune disorders including RA, psoriasis, thrombosis, fibrosis, SLE etc
  • KO studies clearly prove the role of PAD4 in RA, SLE, DVT etc
  • Targeting PAD4 does not lead to immune suppression nor risk of thrombocytopenia and may offer better therapeutic margin and safety
  • Antibodies produced against citrullinated proteins (anti-CCP) are diagnostic, prognostic and stratification markers of RA
  • Potential to target inflammation-driven diseases


  • Differentiated first-in-class mechanism to treat autoimmune diseases
  • Broader application in various auto-immune disorders such as lung fibrosis (including Covid-19 ARDS), psoriasis, SLE, DVT
  • Potential utility in niche indications such as Bullous Pemphigoid and Behcet’s diseases

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